Smell The Roses

ReTreat days are exclusive safe spaces where you and other Mums and carers of children with additional needs can take time to rest, recharge and restore.
  Receive and offer support to others in a similar situation to your own, who really understand what it’s like to walk in your shoes. We know that too often the demands of everyday life mean there is no time for you to stop and Smell the Roses.

Who are we?

We give mums back ‘me-time’

As a Mum or carer, you’re always in demand. When caring for children with additional needs - that demand is even greater. You may often feel as though you put yourself last. When was the last time you genuinely took a moment to rest, recharge and recuperate?

We're so happy you've discovered Smell The Roses.

North East-Based volunteer team dedicated to Treating And Delighting Tireless Mums, including if you care for adult children. We don't have an age or condition restriction. If you need us, you are welcome at a Smell The Roses ReTreat..
Child-free ReTreat days and workshops to help you find some all-important ‘Me-Time’.
A ReTreat day is a safe space for carers and parents where you can simply relax and readjust during traditional school hours. 
Take time to put yourself first. You’re doing an incredible job caring for a family that relies on your love and support.

We understand that you don’t always get the chance to stop and Smell The Roses. So, let us help you ‘press pause’, if only for a little while.

Smell the Roses charity

What are ReTreat days?

ReTreat days are exclusive spaces where you and other Mums and carers can take time to relax and decompress. We provide meals, refreshments and workshops where you can get to know other women who may be in similar situations to your own.

At the start of a school day, Mums can join us for breakfast, tea, and coffee served from a special menu. You’ll then have the chance to participate in group activities or simply take the time to decompress.

Across a ReTreat day, there will be workshops (craft and wellbeing), and we’ll serve lunch, chocolate and further refreshments heading towards mid-afternoon - returning to your loved ones feeling rejuvenated and at ease.
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Supporting Mums

Since January 2019
103 Mums have either a Face2Face or Virtual ReTreat.
We have delivered 28 North East ReTreat days.
4 Residential ReTreat nights.
During COVID-19
We continued to support Mums virtually as best we could with:
We have hosted 11 Virtual Mini Morning ReTreats.
We continued to support Mums virtually as best we could with:
We have gifted 70 Pamper packs.
We continued to support Mums virtually as best we could with:
Sent 27 Resource packs

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Make a difference - for yourself, or for others.

Take some time out of your busy routine and unwind with Mums and carers just like you. Book onto our next ReTreat day, or call us for a quick chat to learn more!

If you’d like to know more about supporting Smell The Roses, please visit our ‘donations’ page for full details.
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